in the Festival Palace, 

Nikolai Str 26


 Monday, June 27th


18.00 Opening of the festival 

EARTH  by A. Dovženko, Ukraine (1930), 75’

19.15 Presentation of guests, greetings

19.30 TALES OF A TOY HORSE by Ulyana Osovska, Denis Strashnyi, Ukraine-Estonia, 72'


1.episode BORN IN THE WRONG COUNTRY by Bork Nerdrum, Norway, 41'

22.00 THE ORDER OF MEMOROSA by Bork Nerdrum, Norway/Sweden, 70' 

Tuesday, June 28th


11.00 Docs for kids


TRANSITION- XBUK ALO? by Andi Bänziger / Aron Marty, Switzerland, 11'

SUÑU EKOOL by Aron Marty / Maria Bänziger, Switzerland/Senegal, 23'

HERD by Omer Daida, Israel, 37'

12.30  Workshop for crafting wooden toy horses by Anatoli Ljutsuk, 

the main protagonist of the doc TALES OF A TOY HORSE, 72’

Scientific docs


16.00 IT'S JUST SPACE by Svitlana Magda, Ukraine/Slovenia, 5'

          THE REASON I JUMP by Jerry Rothwell, UK/USA, 82'



18.00 PLANKTONIUM by Jan van IJken, Netherlands, 15'   

          SHEPHERDS OF THE EARTH by Iiris Härmä, Finland/Kenya, 75' 


Art Films

20.00 SCULPTING VIBRATION, Felippe, Canada, 9'

CREATURE "MAN-COLLAGE" by Arsen Arakelyan, Armenia, 11'

PORTRAIT OF MASRI by Matteo Giulio Pagliai, Italy, 20'

INFINITY ACCORDING TO FLORIAN by Oleksiy Radynski, Ukraine, 70’



2. episode 85% BLACK by Bork Nerdrum, Norway, 41’


Wednesday, June 29th


11.00 Doc for Youth


HELLO WORLD by Kenneth Elvebakk, Norway/Sweden, 88' 


Docs on survival of indigenous peoples:

16.00 DISTANT THUD IN THE JUNGLE by Céline Rouzet, France/Belgium, 85'


18.00 SURVIVING FORTRESS by Farshad Fadaian, Iran, 54' 

           SEVEN SYMPHONIES OF ZAGROS by Perwîz Rostemî, Kurdistan/Iran, 24'


20.00 WITCHCRAFT STORIES by Corto Vaclav and Hadrien La Vapeur, France, 72' 



3. episode AFTER ARMAGEDDON by Bork Nerdrum, Norway, 41’



Thursday, June 30th


Docs for Youth


11.00 OFF THE RAILS by Peter Day, UK, 92' 


13.00 MOTHER LAND by Mari Soppela, Finland/Netherlands, 79'

New Baltic docs


16.00 TREE OPERA by Martins Grauds, Latvia/Finland, 53' 

          SISTERS IN LONGINGS by Elita Kļaviņa, Latvia, 60’ 


18.00 BEFORE THEY MEET by Vytautas Puidokas,    Belgium/Lithuania/Norway/Croatia, 50’

         GENTLE WARRIORS by Marija Stonyte, Lithuania 75’


20.10 2 HOURS TO HAPPINESS by Moonika Siimets, Estonia 74'

TELL ME by Various directors, Estonia/Jordan, 75'


4. episode by Bork Nerdrum, THE KING OF PAINTING, Norway, 47’



Friday, July 1th Student day


11.00 Docs by students from foreign film schools


…AND I WAS LEFT BEHIND, Maysaa Almumin, Qatar, 7'  

UNDER THE SKY, Marta Skiba, Poland, 13'

DOWN TO EARTH, Paulina Sikora, Poland, 29'

BIRTHMARK, Maria Shevchenko, Ukraine 20'

IMPRISONED, Piotr Bieliński, Poland, 20' 


13.00 THE WAKEFUL SLEEPER , Boris Van der Avoort, Belgium, 74’

    Masyerclass by author of his selfportrait – Boris Van der Avoort


16.00 Docs by students of Baltic Film- and Media School 


12 by Jyri Pitkänen , 25'

TOM by Kristiina Iilane, Johan Huimerind, 13'

VOID by Rain Järv, 15'

CIRCUS by Joosep Ehasalu, 15'

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY by Ville Seppänen, 22'

COMMON LANGUAGE by Volia Chajkouskaya, 13'


18.00  TURN YOUR BODY TO THE SUN, Aliona van der Horst, Holland, 93’ 

     Masterclass by the author of doc Aliona van der Harst

20.00 Short Docs

THE FIRST BRIDGE by Laila Pakalnina, Latvia, 12'

SILABARIO by Marine de Contes, France, 14'

NEIGHBOURHOOD OF INFINITY by Mark Aitken, Spain, 25'  

PAGIRNIS by Anastasija Pirozenko, Netherlands, 22'

EXPIRATION by Joris Cottin, Canada, 20'

5:1 by Sara Ben-Saud, Canada, 10'



5. episode THE DISSOLUTION by Bork Nerdrum, Norway, 41’


Saturday, July 2th


12.00  Award Ceremony


13.30 Audiovisual essays

THE LAST ONE by Fariz Ahmedov, Azerbaijan, 36'

THE SHARED LIGHT by Bibo & Brian Keeley, Scotland, 24'

15.00 LOVE WILL COME LATER by Julia Furer, 81 min, Switzerland/ Marocco, 2021

17.00  BLACK AND WHITE BIG CATS by Mathieu Le Lay, France,  52’ 


18.Awarded masterpieces



6. episode THE FIRST RENAISSANCE by Bork Nerdrum, Norway, 54’

22.00 THE ORDER OF MEMOROSA by Bork Nerdrum, Norway/Sweden, 70' 


For the Estonian People's Award on air of ETV2 

every evening at 21.30

All five competing docs are available before and after broadcasting at:

Voting will end on Saturday, July 2nd at 12.00 A.M. followed by the Award Ceremony at the Festival Palace in Pärnu, which will be broadcast on ETV2 at 10.00 P.M.

You can vote on the web page or by phone dialling the number written after each film:

Mon 27.06  |  TALES OF A TOY HORSE  |      6229951

Tue 28.06  |  LOVE WILL COME LATER   |    6229952

Wed 29.06  |  GENTLE WARRIORS   |     6229953

Thu 30.06  |  TURN YOUR BODY TO THE SUN   |     6229954

Fri 01.07  |  OFF THE RAILS   |     6229955

One of the voters will win a Tallink cruise trip from Tallinn to Stockholm.

Voting is free of charge!

The Festival Palace was built up according to the project by legendary Livonian architect Augusts Reinbergs in 1902. It was created for Girls Gymnasium of Pärnu, now it is the home for Pärnu Old Town Basic School. In midsummer, it becomes the Festival Palace.


The office of Pärnu Film Festival is located in the Museum of New Art. This building was raised for a bank according to the project by architects Alar Kotli and Anton Soans in 1938.


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