“Sailing to Pärnu in 1910 ” by Jaan Oad


Submitting your film to Pärnu Film Festival


XXXVI Pärnu Film Festival will take place from June 27th-July 3rd 2022. We welcome submissions from all over the world. When selecting films for the festival, organizers will focus on the artistic achievement, also on the high value and quality of the film. We accept documentary films of all lengths.

Before entering your film, please read through festival regulations. By submitting your film you accept festival regulations.

1. Read through festival regulations Regulations

2. Fill in the entry form Deadline for submission is March 1, 2022!

E-mail for sending your submission materials:

festival @ chaplin.ee



The Festival Palace was built up according to the project by legendary Livonian architect Augusts Reinbergs in 1902. It was created for Girls Gymnasium of Pärnu, now it is the home for Pärnu Old Town Basic School. In midsummer, it becomes the Festival Palace.


The office of Pärnu Film Festival is located in the Museum of New Art. This building was raised for a bank according to the project by architects Alar Kotli and Anton Soans in 1938.


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