Dear friends of Pärnu Film Festival,

Below you can find the extended list of selected docs for the XXXIV Pärnu International Documentary and Science Film Festival:


Mud Road by Francesco De Giorgi (Ethiopia, Italy)

What If Babel Was Just a Myth? by Sandrine Loncke (France)

Elliott Erwitt. Silence Sounds Good by Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu (Spain)

Out Loud by Tamara Mamon (Israel)

Avatara by Nadav Harel (Israel)

Spears From All Sides by Christopher Walker (USA, Ecuador)

The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze by Nina Ross (United Kingdom)

The Geographer and the Island by Christine Bouteiller (France)

Shadow Flowers by autor Seung-jun Yi (South Korea)

Latvian Coyote by Ivars Zviedris (Latvia)

My Dear Mother by Paul-Anders Simma (Finland, Norway, Sweden)

Newtopia by Audun Amundsen (Norra)

Lover of Light by Jo Kapralou (China)

Libertà by Savino Carbone (Italy)

The Mexican Galapagos by Tania Claudia Castillo (Mexico)

Castaways of Kerch by Stefano Conca Bonizzoni (Italy)

Then Comes the Evening by Maja Novaković (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Animal Image by Perttu Saksa (Finland)

Slow and Sluggish by Delavar Doustanian (Iran)

Man Ray and the Shakespearean Equations by Quentin Lazzarotto (France)

Living with Volcanoes: Sacred Volcanoes by David Perrier & Eden Shavit (France)

Jail Lullaby by Jorma Kaulanen (Finland)

Degas at the Opera by Blandine Armand & Vincent Trisolini (France)

Gando by Teymour Ghaderi (Iran)

The Summer of Arte by Takayuki Yoshida (Japan)

The Spring of Moere by Takayuki Yoshida (Japan)

The Tough by Marcin Polar (Poland)

The Trojan Women by Stefano Santamato (Italy)

The Family Farm by Kim Jansson (Sweden)



Kind Souls by Nikita Yefimov (Russia)

Weirdy by Pawel Dyllus (Poland)

Julia at the Seaside by Mariusz Rusinski (Poland)

Who Wants to Conduct? by Pavel Petrukhin (Russia)

Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness by Saif Alsaegh (USA)

Philadelphia Iran Afghanistan by Zardosht Afshari (USA)

World’s Fire by Ville Niemi (Estonia)

Fuck, It’s Biology by Veronica Andersson (Poland)

The Vibrant Village by Weronika Jurkiewicz (Poland, Hungary)


The XXXIV Pärnu International Documentary and Science Film Festival will take place in Pärnu from October 12 to October 25 with additional screenings in Tallinn and Tartu from October 19 to 25.

For urgent questions, you are welcome to send an e-mail to festival@chaplin.ee or call +3725024947.

  • Mark Soosaar and Lennart Meri opening the first festival, October 1987
  • Boat trip to Manija Island in 1987, with Asen Balikci in the center.

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