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December 4, 2021

12.00.Rescue of disappeared languages

LAST WORDS by Koert Davidse, The Netherlands / Greece / Turkey 29 ‘

RUNÖ by Theodor Luts with a commentary in Runö language, Estonia, 17 ‘

TO SAVE A LANGUAGE by Liivo Niglas, Estonia/USA, 74′

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director of the doc Liivo Niglas and the main character Indrek Park. The debate will be lead by the academician Karl Pajusalu.

15.00 Life on the Earth and beyond

THE ART OF FLYING by Jan van Ijken, The Netherlands, 7 ‘

ZOO by Bert Hanstraa, The Netherlands, 10′

THE MEXICAN GALAPAGOS by Tania Claudia Castillo, Mexico 13′

THE DANCE OF THE WORLDS by JJ. Machuca, Spain, 71′

Meeting with Juan José Machuca, the author and composer of the scientific art documentary.

The Estonian scientist Mait Metspalu and the President of the Academy of Sciences Tarmo Soomere will attend the discussion. The Ambassador of Spain in Estonia will be representwed by Mr. Nicolas Merino Cubillo, DHM.

December 5, 2021

12.00 Social study as an art work

LA SEINE MEETS PARIS by Joris Ivens, The Netherlands, France, 30′

CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin, France, 90′

KISSING ON THE RIVERSIDE by Mark Soosaar, Estonia, The Netherlands, 10′

A MAN AND A CAMERA by Guido Hendrikx, The Netherlands, 63′

Social scientists of Estonia and the Ambassador of the Netherlands

Mrs Ozlem Canel are invited.

15.00 The art history as a masterpiece of art itself

LOOK AT THE FACE by Pavel Kogan, Russia, 10′.

MEMORY (VILLEM RAAM) by Andres Sööt, Estonia, 40′

VOLDEMAR VAGA by Andres Sööt, Estonia, 28′

KONRAD MÄGI by Andres Sööt, Estonia, 47′

A Discussion with Andres Sööt and Jaak Elling, authors of the doc MEMORY and

the Vice President of The Academy of Sciences and art historian Mart Kalm.

18.00. Ethno-musicology: from research to an art work

THE SONG OF HARMONICS by Hugo Zemp, France, Mongolia, 38′

POLYPHONIC LULLABIES OF KAKHETI by Hugo Zemp, Nora Lomidze, Georgia, 60′

AN AFRICAN BRASS BAND by Hugo Zemp, France, Ivory Coast, 74′

Estonian ethbo-musicologists and folklorists are invited.

December 6, 2021

15.00 Research and recording of disappearing indigenous cultures

GRANDMA OF BOATS by Mark Soosaar, Estonia, Russia, Hungary, USA, Peru, 63′

SACRED VOLCANOES by David Perrier and Eden Shavut, France, Tanzania, Guatemala, Italy, New Zealand, Iceland, 52′

The only Estonian vulcanologist Heidi Soosalu will attend the discussion..

18.00 Medicine then and now

BLOOD by Alina Rudnitskaja, Russia, 50′

DOCTOR SEPPO’S APPARATUS by Andres Sööt, Estonia, 45′

REBEL SURGEON by Erik Gandin, Sweden / Ethiopia , 55′

Discussion with Andres Sööt, the author of the Doctor Seppo’s Apparatus and with academicians and surgeons.


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