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13. July, 2021 | 11:00 23:50

Tuesday July 13th

11.00 | Nikolai 26 |  Music-Mosaic Doc:

THE DANCE OF THE WORLDS by JJ Machuca, Spain, 71′

A film that moves between the visual and the sound to contemplate the beauty and the dance of nature in a very special way. Without dialogue or voice-over, the combination of images and music completely immerses us in the forms, textures and movement of the elements of all imaginable worlds.

18.00 | Nikolai 26 | Docs for Kids:

CLOWN’S PLANET by Héctor Carré, Spain, Italy, Greece, 75′

The film maker follows Spanish comics who entertain children in refugee camps and hospitals in different places of the world. Their challenge is to give support to children who have lost their parents.

19.30 | Nikolai 26 | Art Films:

RUST by Rafal Malecki, Poland, 30

Mariola Wawrzusiak-Borcz, professor of the Acadamy of Fine Arts and a renowned Polish sculptress roams post­ industrial areas in search of scrap metal, which she uses in her artwork. During the welding process she creates terrifying sculptures of animals, androids and children affected by war hoping that one day art can save our world.

BLIND VISION by Dario Butelli, Italy, 74′

Three artists, who can, despite their insufficiency of eye­ sight, can create artworks. Matteo is a boy with cognitive problems who dreams of harmony of colours. Felice carves marble to live. Sergio is an ex-soldier who was mutilated in an accident that started a new life, painting.

21.30 | Nikolai 26 | Scientific Docs:

SOBER (PERSONAL DIARY) by Amaury Voslion, France, 34′

After 25 years of addiction, the author of the film takes action to become sober. This shared experience, in the form of a poetic private journal, a cinematographic essay, which proposes to face yourself.

IMMUNITY by Sara Grimaldi, France, 50′

Matteo Pellegrinuzzi, a photographer living in Paris, is affected by a primary immunodeficiency, since birth. A bike enthusiast, he decides to undertake a challenge against himself and his condition: riding from Paris to London to bring a message of hope to the patients and their families and to raise awareness on primary immunodeficiencies.

BRING BACK MY HANDS by Konstantin Selin, Russia, 53′

A Siberian microsurgeon Vadim Keosyan has been bringing back lost hands and fingers to his patients for twenty years. Such operations are exhausting, as they often take place at night. To warn people, Vadim starts a video blog teaching how to act in a critical moment.

21.30 | ETV2 | Help your favorite film to win the Estonian People’s Award!

LATVIAN COYOTE by Ivars Zviedris, Latvia, 69′ |  622 9952

Right on Latvian-Russian border, cast-offs make a living of human trafficking. How much is there to do with challenge if the target is to help refugees from Vietnam to enter secretly the European Union?

€2 – €4 Ticket prices both in the city and in the country: Full ticket 4 euros, students and the elderly 2 euros, preschoolers free.


Nikolai 26
Pärnu, 80014 Estonia
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