Santa Claus from Sweden

Documentary, 48 minutes, Beta SP.

Eckard Klug was one of the few persons to survive the Estonia ferry disaster in 1994.

He tries to meet more love and mercy in his second life .

Every Sunday morning,  Eckard leaves his home in the South of Sweden…

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Directed and recorded by Mark Soosaar

Edited by Kaido Strööm

Produced and distributed by Weiko Saawa Film, Estonia

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Elsa Kittel and Eckard Klug loading humanitary aid   for Estonian children in Landskrona , Christmas 1998.

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The transcript of the film



Santa Claus from Sweden


Eckard Klug is one of the few persons to survive the Estonia ferry disaster in 1994.

He tries to find more love and mercy in his second life.

Every Sunday morning, Eckard leaves his home in southern Sweden…




A robbery has taken place somewhere.

Yes, some pails were turned over.

Are they soft boiled?

Not bad…

I’ll have one more!

And what do you want?

Mail it and go to the bank, too.

The beer must be ready

when Joonas arrives.

And now the power went out!

Good thing we had

electricity earlier!

Do you see anything?

Yes, I do, a little bit.

Perhaps ice and snow

have fallen on the wires.

Or a tree.

I must pack my things soon.

It takes more time on road.

I’m driving like a cow on ice.

Thank you so much!

According a daily paper, Swedish

doctors prescribe more Viagra pills

than is recommended for one person…

Take those out for packing!

Take all of this to Estonia!

Clothes for women, Estonia, Võru County.

How long have you been here?

4.5 years.

Do you live in the same apartment?

No, I have children now.

Where have you come from?


Yes, this is a devastated country…

I was in the former Yugoslavia in the 70’s.

This was a nice country.

Yes, but not anymore now.

This beauty is in my mind.

Your hand wants to come along!

Yes, it would be nice to go!

I think it is just politics,

not the people’s fault.

People are married across borders…

I don’t understand what happens.

I am German.

I lived through the whole war in Germany.

I have moved people from Kosovo to

Landskrona, Trelleborg, Svenljunga.

Would you like to move back?

When it becomes better…

Things will certainly improve.

There are six more boxes in the cellar,

will you take them?

Filmjölk – sour milk

No need to know that you exist…

Let’s go swimming!

I don’t want to come.

I swam enough.

When I jumped into the water

from the Estonia ….

I came back from Denmark and

Eckard introduced me to Sirle.

They were dancing first.

Then we danced.

And now we are together,

Thanks to Eckard…


Do you want a kiss?

She just adopted me as a grandpa.

Like my mother’s father or ….

Good morning!

Blue one…


Good morning, Toomas?

You have problems in Estonia again?

Many people come with humanitarian

aid and customers don’t ask anything.

Today they request papers…

What are you bringing in?

Humanitarian aid.

So you face problems, since the formal

recipient must be here in person.

We have some Christmas

presents like skis, skates,

sweets for a school of handicapped

children in Porkuni.

Plus a car we would like to

give to the same school.

And you?

Half of my load is goods,

the other half is humanitarian aid.

I cross the border every week.

Christmas has arrived…

This is my only place.

He has brought flowers for all of us.

Now his son is graduating…

Me, Eckard… Hi…


Nothing special happened…

Have a good…


This was bad….

This was my wife calling.

She worked at the hospital for 25 years.

She ruined her back there.

Then we bought a village schoolhouse.

We installed a home for travelers there.

In that case, you have many irons in the fire!

Travelers house,

yourself on wheels…

We have a coffee shop there, too.

This is all so wonderful!

It is better not to eat the white part of the peel!

One kiss also!

No kiss today!

Eckard is a film star now!

155 and 95.

You live until death.

Just like that!

No problems.

What to do, perhaps more love?

Yes, more love.


You are now at home!

Was it joyful?

It seems you are frying a fish?



Every Sunday morning Eckard Klug leaves his home in southern Sweden to sow more love and mercy…

Directed, recorded and edited by Mark Soosaar

Translated by Ülev Aaloe, Eleka Rügam and Peeter Tammisto

Produced by Weiko Saawa Film, Estonia