The 31
  Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival

  July 3 - 16, 2017









Welcome to the 31st Pärnu Film Festival on July 3 - 16, 2017!

July 3 -16, 2017.
Screenings in Pärnu and Estonian TV, July 3 - 9th,
Award ceremony in Pärnu, July 8th,
Traveling to different towns of Estonia, July 10-16th

“If a farmer ploughing a field looks over his shoulder to admire his straight groove, he is an artist,“ said the French impressionist Auguste Renoir.
“The longer you are a child the longer you are an artist,“ said the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi.
The art of living or the art of survival? This is the question we want to answer through the docs chosen for the XXXI Pärnu Film Festival. Looking back over our shoulder this is the theme we have been devoted to since the first days of the festival. At the first film festival in 1987 the Grand Prix was given to Asen Balikci’s masterpiece about the art of survival of the inuites amidst the Arctic icefields, the art to survive snowstorms in an igloo.
Most of the films given the Estonian People’s Award on Estonian TV competition of the past years have spoken of the ability to survive even if the heavenly and earthly powers were unfavourable.
The documentaries in competition this year are six outstanding accomplishments where personalities stronger than their fates have shaped artworks of their lives and work.
The rest of about a hundred films will be screened in Pärnu, the Summer Capital with their common theme – the ART OF LIVING.

Films on air of Estonian TV:
July 3, 2017
Chinese Van Goghs (China)
Authors Haibo Yu, Kiki Tianqi Yu

Zhao Xiaoyong from a faraway Chinese village has built up his life in town and shaped it into artwork with the help of van Gogh. With the help of his wife and friends he has made 90 000 copies of the paintings of the famous Dutchman for tourists. Zhao has never traveled out of China. When the man eventually reaches Amsterdam to meet the originals of van Gogh he is taken by surprise. The decision to start his own artist life forms quickly.

July 4, 2017
Bastard Child (Sweden)
Director Knutte Wester

Grandmother of the artist Knutte Wester gave birth to an illegitimate child in 1909 who grew up to become the author’s mother Hervor. The Sweden of those days called illegitimate children bastards and whore’s begottens. Knutte’s mother and grandmother were driven out of their apartment to the street.
But the hard fate made grandmother strong and she established a forceful feminine movement. In memory of his parents Knutte created 800 drawings and made an anima doc of them. So the brave women live on as artwork.

July 5, 2017
Amazona (Colombia)
Directed by Clare Weiskopf

This is the story of Val and Clare: a mother and a daughter. After the tragic death of her eldest child, Val left her kids and family behind and escaped into the Colombian jungle. Only 11 at the time, Clare Weiskopf (the director of this film) couldn’t understand what her mother was looking for. Thirty years later, when she becomes pregnant, Clare decides to confront her mother, heal the wounds of the past, and try to define motherhood on her own terms. Together they go on an intimate journey exploring the boundaries between responsibility and freedom, with all the guilt and sacrifice they entail. What makes someone a good mother?

July 6, 2017
Spandex Sapiens (Finland)
Directed by Oskari Pastila

The son of a Pentecostal preacher, Michael is a bullied boy from Canada. He finds his own world in the spandex-clad heroes of comic books and professional wrestlers on TV. He builds his body and is finally able to wear the spandex tights himself. He moves to faraway Finland, introducing pro-wrestling culture in the country. Young transsexual wrestler Jessica infiltrates into the wrestling company that conservative and old-fashioned Michael runs. She contests Michael both physically and ideologically. Anger and frustration get to Michael who is now forty years old and still searching for a wife. He is looking for love, but first must learn not to hate.

July 7, 2017
Like Dew in the Sun (Switzerland)
Directed by Peter Entell

A century ago, the grandparents of film director Peter Entell had to flee Ukraine, a land torn apart by war and massacres. One hundred years later, Entell faces the same destructive nationalism. People continue to kill in the name of the mother country, flag, culture, religion …
The memory of the atrocities suffered by the Jews, the Tatar Muslims of Crimea, and the Orthodox population, is transmitted from generation to generation, and with it the poison of hatred.
Crossing checkpoints, Peter Entell takes us from the loyalist Ukrainians to the pro-Russian separatists. The purpose is not to show who is right or wrong – humanity itself is defeated. In the midst of this senseless violence, Like Dew in the Sun transcends cultural, religious and national differences to uncover the deeper bonds that unite us all.

July 8, 2017
Woman and the Glacier
Directed by Audrius Stonys

The Lithuanian scientist Auðra Revutaitë has spent 30 years in the Tian Shan mountain range in Central Asia, straddling the borders between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the autonomous Chinese region of Xinjiang. Some 3,500 meters above sea level with only her faithful dog and gray cat for company, she studies climate change on the Tuyuksu Glacier at an old Soviet-era research station. She loves the solitude and silence that her painstaking work brings her. Magnificent shots of her surroundings and everyday work are interspersed with archive footage of the people who preceded her by a century. Not much seems to have changed.

Winners of the XXX Pärnu Film Festival: Toomas Järvet,
Mohammadreza Farzad, Sas Carey

Winners of the GRAND PRIZE - the best film of the festival:
2016 - WEDDING: A FILM by Mohammadreza Farzad (Iran)
2015 -
THOSE WHO FEEL THE FIRE BURNING by Morgan Knibbe (The Netherlands) 
2014 - RAMIN by Audrius Stonys (Latvia)
2013 - THE LAST STATION by Cristian Soto and Catalina Vergara (Chili)
2012 - WITH FIDEL WHATEVER HAPPENS by Goran Radovanovic (Serbia)
2011 - TEACHER IRENA by Itamar Chen (Israel);
          VODKA FACTORY by Jerzy Skladkowski (Sweden);
2010 - STEAM OF LIFE by Joonas Berghäll and Mika Hotakainen (Finland);
2009 - LEFT BEHIND by Fabian Daub and Andreas Gräfenstein (Germany);
2008 - GUGARA by Andrzej Dybczak and Jacek Naglowski (Poland);
2007 - THE SEEDS by Wojsiech Kasperski (Poland);
2006 - BEFORE FLYING TO THE EARTH by Arunas Matelis (Lithuania);
2005 - THE 3 ROOMS OF MELANCHOLIA by Pirjo Honkasalo (Finland);
2004 - EBBA AND TORGNY by Johan Palmgren (Sweden);
2003 - NOW YOU ARE HAMLET by Ulrika Bengts (Finland);
2002 - I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU UNTIL I DIE by Maciej Adamek (Poland);
2001 - KUSUM by Jouko Aaltonen (Finland);
2000 - IN SEARCH OF SHANGRI-LA by Wen Pu Lin (China);
1999 - THE ARTIST'S LIFE by Lasse Naukkarinen (Finland);
1998 - GAIA'S CHILDREN by Bente Milton (Denmark);
1997 - PORTAL TO PEACE by Thomas Stenderup (Denmark);
1996 - PARADISE by Sergei Dvortsevoy (Russia);
1995 - EVALD'S ACRE by Kersti Uibo (Estonia/UK);
1994 - LIVING ON THE AGANO RIVER by Makoto Sato (Japan);
1993 - TAIGA NOMADS by Heimo Lappalainen (Finland);
1992 - A VISIT by Kari Happonen (Finland);
1991 - THE ALLOTMENT GARDEN by Lise Roos (Denmark);
1990 - SONG OF HARMONICS by Hugo Zemp (France);
1989 - CROSS-STREET by Ivars Seleckis (Latvia);
1988 - VIDAROSEN by Jon Jerstad (Norway);
1987 - WINTER IN ICE CAMP by Asen Balikci (Canada).

Winners of the Estonian People's Awards:
2016 - MUSSA by Anat Goren (Israel) 
2015 -
SOMETHING BETTER TO COME by Hanna Polak (Denmark)
2014 - MERCY MERCY by Katrine Riis Kjaer (Denmark)
2013 - ROMAN POLANSKI: A FILM MEMOIRE by Laurent Bouzereau (Switzerland)
2012 - ONCE THERE WAS LOVE by Kage Jonsson and Hakan Pieniowski (Sweden)
2011 - VILLAGE WITHOUT WOMEN by Srdjan Sarenac (Serbia);
2010 - A GOOD MAN by Safina Uberoi (Australia);
2009 - FLYING WITH ONE ENGINE by Josuha Weinstein (USA);
2008 - MOTHER by Antoine Cattin (France) and Pavel Kostomarov (Russia);
2007 - FIRST LESSON IN PEACE by Yoram Honig (Israel);
2006 - THE DEVIL'S MINER by Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson (Germany);
2005 - DO YOU LOVE ME? by Lars Westman (Sweden);
2004 - MY FLESH AND BLOOD by Jonathan Karsh (USA);
2003 - TO BE AND TO HAVE by Nicolas Philibert (France);
2002 - NARROW IS THE GATE by Kersti Uibo (Estonia/UK);
2001 - CLEANERS AND I by Agnes Varda (France);
2000 - GRANDFATHERS AND REVOLUTIONS by Peter Hegedus (Australia);
1999 - SALTMEN OF TIBET by Ulrike Koch (Switzerland).

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