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September 3, 2012

Women Like Me by Jaworska

International exibition of self portraits
Opening of the exhibition on October 6 at 12:00

A small group of Swedish artists have arrived in the beautiful town of Pärnu to show the results of their search for themselves.
A self portrait shows the encounter between what can be seen on the outside and that which often hides in the interior. In some ways it is the greatest challenge an artist can take on. It means observing oneself and going beyond what is real and what can be seen, and then again to give it physical shape as a drawing or a painting or a sculpture.
The works we present here are a reflection of pure introspection in our struggle to reach reality, and what they show often looks more like a dream of what we are or what we would like to be. In the self portraits we try to reflect our ideas, dreams and emotions like in a mirror, but just as often they come out transformed or changed.
We come to Pärnu as neighbors from different parts of Sweden, from the forests in the north, the noisy cities in the centre and all the way down south.

What some of the artists say:
Danka Jaworska:
I once saw a white alabaster sculpture of a woman at a museum, and for a moment I thought that she was me – a long time ago…. It inspired me to make a series of paintings. They are far away from being self-portraits but I painted them as though the women were myself. I often hear that the women I paint look a lot like me. Maybe artists are subconsciously inspired by their own bodies, faces, personalities? I hope that you will notice a part of me while looking at these paintings.

Ruth Herrlin:
Painting selfportraits has always been à habit of mine. Not always have I been aware I painted myself however. When I start the canvas I usually have no intention to paint myself- but sometimes it turns out to be a self portrait to my own surprise.

Lars Oluf Kolsrud:
My work mainly reflects the matters of being human; in a deeper sense. A sort of both naive and intellectual diary.

Elisabet Malmström:
To paint is to construct meaning about life world or like sending a message that arouses thoughts and associations with others. What images may or may not say decides the one who looks. I myself get distance to the meaning of experiences, thoughts and feelings. The important thing for me is that I reach in creating a sense of wholeness in becoming. Experience is based on the idea that I as a human inquire my own knowledge and that imagery plays an important role in this process. I am interested in art at its most original form and when it functions as language and communication. The Arts enhance memory and language that keeps people together.

April 2011

Man & Woman exhibition in 2010.

XVIII International Nude Art Exhibition Man & Woman

Dear artists all around the world,

You are welcome to participate in the XVIII International Nude Art Exhibition Man& Woman which will be this summer dedicated to the 300th anniversary of G.W.Richmann, a scientist who was born in our home town Pärnu in July 1711 and who became one of the first researchers of electricity. Richmann was deeply devoted scientist who sacrificed his life for new discoveries of mankind: in his lab, during a research process he was killed by lightening in August 1753. To commemorate Richmann’s fearless challenges and very creative character, we have decided that the headline for this summer International art show is MAN, WOMAN AND ELECTRICITY.

We expect to exhibit outstanding and innovative masterpieces which reflect imaginary electric polarity and high tension in relationships between male and female spirits/bodies as well as art work using or running by real electric power.

Please, send some images and a short description (material, sizes) of Your art work in a free form to the address: museum @ chaplin . ee
The selection is supervised by recognized britis art critic Edward Lucie Smith.

The transportation from Your studios to Pärnu, Estonia takes place between May 25 – June 3th. The vernissage and inaguration of the XVIII annual nude art show MAN, WOMAN AND ELECTRICITY is scheduled for June 8th, 2011. All participating artists will be hosted and accommodated in Pärnu. Unfortunately we are unable to cover Your travel costs. The exposition lasts from June 8th through September 1st, 2011. Return of art work to Your studio will take place latest by September 30th, 2011.

For more information, please, be so kind as contact with the curator of the show
Mr. Mark Soosaar, mobile +372 50 24 947, e-mail marksoosaar @ hotmail . com
or take a contact with the administration of the
Museum of New Art, Pärnu: muuseum @ chaplin . ee | www.chaplin.ee

Links to previous shows:
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April 27, 2011

'Joy, beauty and hope' paintings by Riikka Juvonen (Finland)
Opening of the exhibition on May 5, 2011 at 5pm.

I am a Finnish painter, author and illustrator. I live in Helsinki but I have been spending a lot of time also in Middle-east, Spain and Turkey. Experiences of the foreign countries and cultures have influenced my works quite much. Often I hear that my colors are not typically Finnish. Maybe it is true. But more I thing that those years I spend abroad encourage me as an artist to express myself more openly. They did not change my northern identity. Red, yellow and turquoise were already in me.
We Finnish people have also bright colors deep inside us. This exhibition includes my paintings from past few years. Recent of them have been completed this winter.
I painted about joy and about hope, against the gloomy clouds of my soul. If these works will bring some pleasure to those who will see them, I am satisfied.
To spread joy and hope, I thing, is one of the purposes of art.
Beauty is love.
In the exhibition Joy, beauty and hope there are 15 works, all of them are painted with oil on canvas. They have been created between years 2005 and 2011. Some of them have been exhibited earlier in Finland and some in Tallinn, Estonia, in autumn 2010.
/Riikka Juvonen/

September 29, 2010

Ulvi Haagensen "How to become free" at the Museum of New Art in Pärnu, 1 – 24 October 2010. 

Artist Ulvi Haagensen, born 1964 in Sydney, has been lecturing at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing since 1999. 
This exhibition is based on the story of a family from Pärnu who left Estonia at the end of the war. They ended up in Australia. Haagensen has used photographs taken by her father and compiled an "artist's book" or story that unfolds like the stills of a film before the viewer's eyes.
"Was this freedom? Of course the idea was to escape and become free from the Soviet powers, but what lay ahead, was this freedom?" asks Haagensen.
In addition to the photographic work, the exhibition comprises wire drawings that function as broader symbols for leaving and farewell, as well as new hope.
Combining two and three dimensional expression Ulvi Haagensen's wire objects are unique in Estonian art today. 
Haagensen raises the issue of freedom and what freedom means for each person. The story begins in Pärnu, her father's hometown, and is like a symbolic homecoming.

May 31, 2010

17th nude art show MAN AND WOMAN.

The international nude exhibit "Man & Woman" will be held for the 17th year. The exhibition will start with a one-week creative period during which guest artists will be making thematic pieces in workshops.

This year’s topic is “Great feelings, delicate relationships”.
The 17th nude exhibit “Man and Woman” features such European artistic celebrities as Mari Meszaros (Hungary-Holland), Mark Angus (UK), Stanislav and Radka Muller (Czech), Inguna Audere (Latvia).

Estonian glass art will be represented by Ivo Lill, Rait Prääts, Piret Ellamaa, Kristiina Uslar, Kairit Annus, Kai Koppel, Kairi Roolaht-Orgussaar, Liisi Napp, Sofi Arðas, Tiia Põldmets, Ain Roost.

Although glass art is in the main focus of this year’s nude art show, the topic “Great feelings, delicate relationships” also include the wooden sculptures of Viktor Korneyev, the Russian artist residing in Sweden, the Iranian artist’s Fateme Gosheh’s nude paintings, the bronze and leather sculptures by the Finnish artists Matti Kalkamo and Heli Rühanen, the nude video by the Italian artist Federico Tinelli as well paintings by the Estonian artists Silva Eher.

April 28, 2010

Exhibition of Estonian Painters Association: BLUE
May 2 - June 2, 2010

"Blue" is a subject which conveys much more than just questions about colouring.

"Blue" allows us to dedicate to much deeper horizons of time and space.
It is not just colour chemistry on canvas. As soon as "Blue" takes shape, it stops being a colour. Is it a faraway memory which returns us to childhood; an inexplicable sadness rising from eternity; raw power?

The participating artists include Tiit Pääsuke, Andres Tolts, Lemming Nagel, Mari Roosvalt, Mall Nukke, Mall Paris, Jaan Elken, Tiina Tammetalu, Sven Saag, Erki Kasemets, Einar Vene, Sorge, Mati Kütt, Toomas Altnurme, Tiiu Pallo-Vaik etc.

Curators Andres Koort and Lii Pähkel.


March 17, 2010

Puppet Exhibition "Ensemble"

Puppet masters from all over the world are trying to find an answer to the question - what is a puppet? Searching for the answer, they make realist, abstract, naive or surreal interpretations of puppets. Puppets they craft according to their own faces or hands.

What makes an artist's puppet special is its uniqueness. Usually the artist only makes one puppet at a time and it is hard to copy. Occasionally they also make moulds which make it possible to craft the body parts of more than one puppet. In these cases, the limited series are released.

In making puppets, traditional materials - cloth, wax, wood, ceramic, porcelain, paper mass, plastic, modeling materials - as well as unusual and peculiar materials - metal, fruit and vegetables, sea shells, stones, commodities, flour, marzipan etc - are used.

The participating artists are: Ave Maser, Terje Kiho, Viive Noor, Sveta Aleksejeva, Sirje Raudsepp, Resa Tiitsmaa, Pille Pattak, Eva Kõiv, Tiia Mets, Kaili Kase's and Maris Aare's creative group "Aare Kask", Maris Aare, Mare Rannast, Mare Hunt, Piret Mildeberg, Lembe Maria Sihvre, Leenamari Pirn, Tatjana Mokhrjakova, Inna Smirnova, Tiina Piisang, Lilian Bristol, Maaja KallChristi Kütt, Keret Altpere, Natalja Litvinova, Kersti Roosmaa, Jevgenia Þerebtsova.

March 2, 2010


Open until March 19, 2010 in the Museum of New Art in Pärnu.
Artists: Vitali Brusinski, Natallia Kovsh.
Project curator: Larisa Mikhnevich.

As a creative basis of the project, Program for Choreographic Departments of the Music Schools and Schools of Art, a book written by V. Serdyukov, in 1977, was used as a guide for the classical dancer.
The ABC’s of ballet is animating and getting broader with technological skills within the bounds of the project, where the students of the first class of the Belarusian State College for Choreography perform as the main heroes. Author goes not with celebrities and assured professional artistry, but on primary and spontaneous workmanship.
The realism is warned out point shoes or badly scratched knees are common here. The goal of this project was not to focus on hard ballet work, but its highest realization – a classical dance.

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