XI International nude art show MAN AND WOMAN IN SURREALISM

starts with a creative workshop in May 27st,

the opening of exhibition will take place in June 2th at noon.

The show lasts until August 31th, 2002.

Entry form and regulations for this summer show.


The list of artists participating in the show l999:

Tom of Finland (posthumous)
August Roosileht (posthumous)

Yoko Ono (USA)
Peter Diem (Holland)
Jean Rustin (France)
Edward Lucie-Smith (U.K.)
Delmas Howe (USA

Eric Kroll (USA)
Martin Garcia Rivera (Puerto Rico)
Janos Lorant (Hungary)
Paula Huhtanen (Finland)
Gunnveig Nerol (Norway)
Harry Jürgens (Germany)
Elisabeth Olsson (Sweden)
Maria Bengtsson (Sweden)
Ana Maria Lorenzen (Chili)

Luis Allegretti (Belgium)

Olegs Tillbergs (Latvia)
Ly Lestberg (Estonia)
Jaan Toomik (Estonia)
Leonhard Lapin (Estonia)
Simson Seakülast (Estonia)
Ilmar Kruusamäe (Estonia)
Kaili-Angele Konno (Estonia)
Paul Allik (Estonia)

Lembit Sarapuu (Estonia)

Evald Okas (Estonia)
and a group of mentally disabled artists from Rotterdam and Stockholm.
One of the topics of this summer exhibition is MAN&MAN.


janos.gif (38103 bytes)

Tractor Driver And His Wife by Janos Lorant, 1992, oil on canvas, 100x150cm, Hungary

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About the show MAN&WOMAN in 1998.

The 5th art show MAN&WOMAN took place May 30th - Oct.3, 1998. In frame of the annual  show of nude art MAN&WOMAN  two personal exhibitions were presented: by JEAN RUSTIN (France) and CORNEILLE (Holland-France). Our guest-country was Finland. The artwork by 10 Finnish artists were exhibited in the Pärnu Mud Bath. From August 8th through August 28th the exposition of Finnish nude painters was performed in Viljandi Art Hall. For the same period 70 drawings and watercolors by Austrian classics Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were shown in the Pärnu Mud Bath. The impact of the exhibition - a grand art auction took place in August 21st. The masterpieces of art could be obtained during the exhibition. The last week of the exhibition, in August 16 - 21st, a sketching course of nudes was held where Mr. Evald Okas, Member of the Academy of Art of Florence, forwarded his knowledge and skills. The participation fee was 400 Estonian crowns per person. In the same time, two more workshops took place: wood sculpturing with professor Lembit Palm (400 crowns per person) and computer design with professor Are Tralla(1800 crowns per person).    

The exhibition MAN&WOMAN presented artwork from the artists as follows:  


Jean Rustin - France, 

Corneille - Holland, France, 

Kalev Mark Kostabi - USA, 

Martin Garcia Rivera - Puertorico, 

Edward Lucie-Smith - U.K., 

Saori Yamaguchi - Japan, 

Juta Policija - Latvia, 

Mareks Gureckis - Latvia, 

Lieve Ulburghs - Belgium, 

Luis Allegretti - Italy,Brazil, 

Vincent Bakkum - Holland, Finland, 

Mauno Mikael Keränen - Finland, 

Tuija Suutari - Finland, 

Artti Pohjanheimo - Finland, 

Anna-Kaarina Nenonen - USA, Finland, 

Antero Paavola - Finland, 

Ilpo Pynna - Finland, 

Anssi Hanhela - Finland, 

Marko Aaltonen - Finland, 

Pentti Meklin - Finland, 

Leonhard Lapin - Estonia,  

Urve Kütner - Estonia, 

Elin Kard - Estonia, 

Margot Rodi - Estonia, 

Arno Metsmaa - Estonia, 

Tauno Kangro - Estonia 

and in addition as our special guests from history 

Gustav Klimt (1860 - 1918) and 

Egon Schiele (1890-1918) from Austria. 

seitsmes.JPG (19732 bytes) 
Ilpo Pynna: The Animals, They Know. 

september.jpg (27978 bytes) 
Lieve Ulburghs: September

kolmas.JPG (11122 bytes)

Jean Rustin: A Couple On A Pink Floor

neljas.JPG (20940 bytes)

Jean Rustin: On the Left From  a Door

kaheksas.JPG (34392 bytes)

Corneille:  Black Sockings

yheksas.JPG (33775 bytes)

Corneille: A Tiger In Love

kostabi.JPG (11573 bytes)

Kalev Mark Kostabi:  Summer Night


teine.GIF (42804 bytes) 

Edward Lucie-Smith: 

Secret Images

kuues.JPG (19703 bytes)

Elin Kard: Prelude

Call for application forms, use e-mail docfest@chaplin.ee