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Curated by Mark Soosaar

September 9 - October 15, 2017

Man’s path from birth to death is always creative. All to think or to do is always more or less sassy. I chose the creations of five artists - Andrus Joonas, Philiph Luik, Ljudmilla Swarczewskaja, Vivian Schotowsky - to bind objects and artworks as one thread of thought marking the journey from birth to death. The cadence of our exhibition chimes in the great hall of the Museum of New Art with artworks from the collection, bought or donated to us during 25 years of life.

The first artwork, the lectern of the former headquarters of the communist party, is painted by Jüri Arrak in the autumn of 1993. The first foreign author to donate his huge woodcut series was Martin Garcia Rivera from Puerto Rico. We are also proud of Pablo Picasso, Jean Rustin, Edward Lucie-Smith, Michael Kvium, Yoko Ono, Jan Saudek, Joel-Peter Witkin, Kalev Mark Kostabi etc. in our collection. Despite unknowing of the fate of the Museum of New Art, the Swedish artist Philiph Luik gave us his sunny painting of Toscana

On October, 1, 1992 the Town of Pärnu gave us the building on Esplanaadi street 10 to establish an art center. In 2006 the calvary of the museum began because the home of our museum was sold to private owner. The present owner has allowed us to stay until October, 2017. We hope blur-eyed that the state and the town would help us...

A look at the journey of the Museum of New Art through existential hardships hopefully will help the audience understand how important it is not to celebrate the funeral but the joyful rebirth of the museum on October, 2017.

Dear friends of art, please, stay with us!
Yours, Mark Soosaar


Andrus Joonas (Estonia)

September 9 - October 15, 2017

The first road exhibition of Andrus Joonas was born close to his home at Kõima. Surprising the people speeding from town to the country, in 1995 monumental paintings named Summer in the Country emerged by the road from Pärnu to Tõstamaa.

Three and a half of the parts of this painting have survived: Wedding, Midsummer Night and Don’t Be Startled, This Is the Summer in the Country; partly also Yealds of Summer. Andrus made road art up to 2003. It was ended by vandals, the attacks of whose made it impossible to continue. Luckily the Jesus Christ and Midsummer Night have been preserved in one piece. The latter survived even the flood in the basement of the Museum of New Art during the storm of January, 2005.

The road paintings, installations and videos of Andrus Joonas are like milestones on the journey of the young artist growing and changing into advanced master.

The journey can be followed on www.andrusjoonas.pri.ee

The exhibition is supported by the Town of Pärnu and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.


Ljudmilla Swarczewskaja (Estonia)

September 9 - October 15, 2017

The highly celebrated textile artist Ljudmilla Swarczewskaja surprises us with her new trend which includes 34 collages in mixed media. The title In Search of Falling Stars originates frm the poetry of Jaan Kaplinski.

The impulses of Swarczewskaja’s artworks are always varied, the most fruitful of which have been encounterers with fine arts: music, literature, film, theatre, architecture, painting. Amidst various feelings she benefits from her own aesthetic preferences, strong emotional impressions stimulate her creative growth. Ljudmilla believes that intellect transforms matter and that emergence of spontaneous thought always remains in the hands of an artist.

Impulse to the present exhibition was born by meeting with Leo Rohlin and his collages. Rohlin used fragments from his old landscape aquarelles. Like Rohlin, Ljudmilla used her archive stores to create new artworks.
The new compositions are milestones of emotional tension on the way to eternity.

Ljudmilla Swarczewskaja was born in Northern Ossetia and graduated from Estonian Art Academy in 1978.
15 years she made her living in Estonian textile industry. Since 1994 Ljudmilla has been lecturer of art and freelancer artist, a member of Estonian Artists’Society and Estonian Textile Artists’ Society. She has shown her artworks on exhibitions since 1977, in Estonia as well as abroad.

More than 100 of her textile patterns are kept in the Museum of Estonian Applied Art and Design. Her artworks can be found in many private collections of Estonia and Europe. Her huge artwork named Athletics (2010) adorns the Sports Hall of Pärnu.

In Search of Falling Stars is supported by the Town of Pärnu and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.



Philip Luik (Estonia/Sweden)

September 9 - October 15, 2017

Philiph Luik was born in Estonia, graduated from Tartu Art School and studied monumental painting at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. Philiph is a member of Estonian Artists’ Assotiation, Estonian Pinters’ Assotiation and Swedish Artists’ Assotiation.

The first shows for public were at the Art House of Tartu at the exhibition of young artsists in 1970 and at the autumn exhibition of Tallinn Art Hall in 1973.
Philip’s artworks can be found in various art museums all over the world.
Since 1973 the artist has been living in Stockholm and making a living as artist.

About his art Philip says:
“The inside light of a picture is unforesensable... sometimes the light coming from different directions... your own light...
It all has come from yourneys to the Mediterranean, as a push for totally new energy. The area around Toscana in Italy has attracted me mostly with its light, colour and variating nature.
That’s where my palette became hot and passionate: the colours started to burn, either with hot or cold identity.
My paintings are not regular pictures of nature – they are synthesis, pictures of inside colour symphony and fantasy, euphory of painting!“

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