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Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival
July 6 - 27, 2008

Arriving to Estonia.
If you arrive to Estonia by plane or by ship you are in our capital, in Tallinn. Pärnu is located from Tallinn 130 kilometres. Best way to get to Pärnu is to take taxi to bus station (bussijaam) and then a bus to Pärnu. Timetible for buses. Please choose bus type - ekspress.

How to get to Pärnu?
Arriving by ship.
Most ferries and catamarans arrive at the Passenger Port (reisisadam), terminals A, B, D and C. Left Luggage and a helpful tourist information booth can be found in the main hall of terminals. Exchange offices are plentiful but not always economical. ATMs are just as easy to find.
Getting to bus station:
A taxi from the Passanger Port should cost roughly 150 - 200 EEK .

Arriving by plane.
Tallinn’s airport may be a super-modern affair, but it’s so small you’re never in danger of getting lost. ATMs and currency exchange are located in the centre of the hall, and car rental offices are downstairs.
Getting to bus station
A taxi from the airport should cover the short ride to town for 100  EEK (6,5 EUR).

Getting to Pärnu by bus.
Bus Station (Tallinna Bussiterminal or Bussijaam).
Tallinn's small bus station is still a depressing Soviet-era relic, but improvements are being made and services are fairly efficient. Tickets are available inside the station or from the driver. (Let ticket-holders get on the bus first.) On Fridays and Sundays buses to popular weekend destinations, like Pärnu tend to fill up quickly, so buying your ticket earlier from station or in the day will guarantee a spot.
All Pärnu-bound busses leave from platform 13 or 10, and generally costs  110 EEK
( 7,10 EUR).

Arriving to Pärnu.
More than 20 express buses leave Tallinn for Pärnu daily between 06:25 and 23:00, and six buses stop here daily en route from Riga. The bus station is located in the centre of town, at the corner of Pikk and Ringi streets; the station house is behind the terminal, at Ringi 3.
A taxi from the bus station should cover the short ride to Film Festival office for 40 - 50 EEK. Or you can take 10 minutes walk through Rüütli and Nikolai street. Or, if you let us know, we can meet you in the bus station in Pärnu.

Buses from Tallinn to Pärnu. All buses don't go every day. PLEASE check days!

Map of Pärnu If you print it, please put landscape orientation.

1 EURO = 15,6 EEK