AWARDS of the 15th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival,

July 1 - 8, 2001

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Grand Prize winner Jouko Aaltonen

THE ESTONIAN PEOPLE¹S AWARD, voted by audience of Estonian TV CLEANERS AND I by Agnes Varda (France)

The awards from international jury:

GRAND PRIZE to the best film of the festival KUSUM by Jouko Aaltonen (Finland) "This is outstanding film on an emotional, cinematographic as well as ethnographic level"

PRIZE for outstanding scientific documentation to FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES by Lindsey Merrison (Switzerland) "This film is remarkable for its combination of sensitivity, humour and anthropological rigour"

PRIZE for the best film on survival problems of indigenous people to SINCE THE COMPANY CAME by Russell Hawkins (Australia) "This is an in depth portrayal of the complexities surrounding conflicts of gender, generations and cultures"

PRIZE for the best film on the arts to MASTERS OF BALAFON by Hugo Zemp (France) "This is a captivating introduction into an amazing art"

Special Award of the Jury to EGG LADY by Una Celma (Latvia) "This is a compelling portrait of vivacity faced with monotony"

French Ambassador¹s Prizes

THE CLEANERS AND I by Agnes Varda (France) "This film is a playful and adventourous depiction of a surprising facet of contemporary France"

TOKYO LOVE STORIES by Miriam Nielsen and Tim Hinman (Denmark) "An open yet intimate collection of everyday stories of young love, as presented by young and promising film makers"

PRIZE from Paulig-Baltic to ANIMAL CITY by Frederic Gonseth and Catherinew Azad (Switzerland)

Special mention of the Jury to ET CETERA by Andrei Osipov (Russia)

PRIZE from the Estonian National Museum BRIDEWEALTH FOR A GODDESS by Chris Owen (Papua New Guinea)

Jury: Tim Curtis, Kerstin Hagrup, Mirja Metsola, Filip Pospisil, Epp Preem, Mati Põldre, Janno Simm

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Gary Kildea, editor, "Since the Company Game"

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Lindsey Merrison, director, "Friends in High Places"


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