JULY 7 – 14th, 2001

Sunday, July 7th.

Beach Saloon

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

To Sass With Sun! by  Helle Karis, Estonia, 46'

Through Darkness by Renita and Hannes Lintrop, Estonia, 52'

17.00 Music in film:

David Oistrakh. Artist of the People? by Bruno Monsaingeon, France, 75'

19.00 This little world:

A Heavenly Wish - Pärnu 2001 by Rui Simoes, Portugal, 17'

Elsewhere by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria, 240'


Monday, July 8th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Films for kids:

Circus In the Bush by Masjha Jaring, The Netherlands, 30'

Nisha by Duco Tellegen, The Netherlands, 32'

Henna Leu'dd by Heiki Huttu-Hiltunen, Finland, 25'

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

Another Arnold by Urmas E. Liiv, Estonia, 53'

Contra Mortem: Dr. Andres Ellamaa by Helle Karis, Estonia, 48'

17.00 Music in film:

Igor Stravinsky by Janos Darvas, Germany, 53'

19.00 Lifestyles:

The Fish Come With the Rain by Bjorn Arnetsen, Denmark, 46'

The Women in Yazhe Village by Shengyong Zhang, China, 50'

21.00 Life and death:

My Little One by Katja Baumgarten, Germany, 88'

Tokiwadai Psychiatric Clinic by Go Nonaka, Japan, 131


Tuesday, July 9th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Films for kids:

The Winter at an Elevation of 3000 Meters by Shan Leng, China 62'

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

In Slum by Õnne Luha, Estonia, 16'

A Day in My Life - Merka by Õnne Luha, Estonia, 29'

Peeter by Jüri Sillart, Estonia, 75'

17.00 Music in film:

Keep the Timbila Playing by Frank Diamand, The Netherlands, 82'

19.00 Personalities:

Nona by Angela Milonaki, Germany, 30'

The Village of Sleeping Beaty by Pettri Saario, Finland, 52'

21.00 Rituals:

Festivals in Tuojue by Shan Leng, China, 26'

Act of Passion by Manuel Cassano, Italy, 20'

Join Me in Shambhala by Anna Bernstein, USA, 30'

Shamans of the Amazon by Dean Jeffery, Australia, 52'


Wendsday, July 10th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Films for kids:

Another Life by Dominique Pernoo, France, 59'

Runaway by Kim Longinotto, UK, 87'

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

Erki Kasemets by Meelis Salujärv, Estonia, 18'

The Brigade by Liivo Niglas, Estonia, 57'

17.00 Music in film:

We are The Ark by Katarina Johansson, Sweden, 50'

19.00 Freedom and punishment:

YCP 1997 by Anjali Monteiro, India, 43'

Blatnoi Mir by Jouni Hiltunen, Finland, 52'

21.00 Freedom and punishment:

Katorga by Evgeny Solomin, Russia, 26'

Each Dream Is a Shattered Mirror by Özgür Dogan, Turky, 32'

The Island of Lost Children by Nicaragua, 90'


Thursday, July 11th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Films for kids:

Children - Kosovo 2000 by Ferenc Moldovanyi, Hungary, 90'

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

Nominally Victorious by Priit Velm, Estonia, 28'

One-Way-Ticket by Siiri Timmermann, Estonia, 33'

17.00 Music in film:

Boogaloo Road by Runar Enberg, Sweden, 57'

19.00 Rituals:

Feathers From the Sky by Lode Cafmeijer, Belgium, 50'

In the Land of the Free Dacians by Sergio Pelliccioni, Italy, 45'

21.00 Lifestyles:

27 Dollari by Giorgio Garini, Italy/Switzerland, 62'

Danchizake by Ono Satoshi, Japan, 49'

Living With the Gods by Claudia Willke, Germany, 58'


Friday, July 12th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Films for kids:

The Soccer Boy by Anders Gustafsson, Denmark, 45'

Khan - a little boy in the Hindu Kush by Birgitte Sperber, Denmark, 50'

15.00 New Estonian documentaries:

Arvo Pärt - 24 Preludes For A Fugue by Dorian Supin, Estonia, 86'

17.00 Music in film:

Poco A Poco (Little by Little...) by Inara Kolmane, Latvia, 20'

Keep On Walking by Tana Ross and and others,   Denmark, 52'

19.00 Personalities:

I Will Not Leave You Until I Die by Maciej Adamek, Poland, 28'

Narrow Is The Gate by Kersti Uibo, Estonia/UK, 65'

21.00 Personalities:

Nisha by Duco Tellegen, The Netherlands, 32'

Miina! by Lasse Naukkarinen, Finland, 89'

Two Steps of Hope by Adela Peeva, Bulgaria, 40'


Saturday, July 13th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Personalities in arts:

With a Bee His Bonnet by Ivars Zviedris, Latvia, 25'

The Castle in Italy by Anne Regitze Wirel, Denamark, 95'

15.00 Human relations:

We Have the Same Kind of Blood by Berit Madsen, Denmark, 42'

Journey into the Light by Kai Nordberg, Finland, 79'

17.00 Experimental films:

Meantime in Grez by Ylva Floreman, Sweden, 13'

Give Us Our Daily Bread by Vladimir Perovic, Yugoslavia/Serbia, 20'

Part of the World That Belongs To You - A Cow Film by Karin Wegsjö, Sweden, 10'

Under Moscow by Leo de Boer, The Netherlands, 49'

19.00 Lifestyles:

Fishers of Dar by L. Fruzzetti, USA, 38'

The Great Dance, A Hunter's Story by Craig Foster, South-Africa, 75'

21.00 Sex and human relationships:

Forbidden Wedding by Flavia Fontes, USA, Brazilia, 56'

Virgin Diaries by Jessica Woodworth, Belgium, 56'

Sex With Strangers by Joe and Harry Gantz, USA, 106'


Sunday, July 14th.

Beach Saloon

11.00 Surrealistic Eastern-Europe:

Home My Sweet Home by Eleonore de Montesquiou, France, 40'

No Risk, No Champagne! by Ennrica Colusso, Italy, 92'

A Hungarian Passport by Sandra Kogut, France, 72'

15.00 Film maker's home streets:

Nikolai Street in Pärnu by Mark Soosaar, Estonia, 30'

Daguerreotypes by Agnes Varda, France, 150'

18.00 Award Ceremony and Grand Prize winning film

21.00 Sex and human relations:

Sex With Strangers by Joe and Harry Gantz, USA, 106'

22.30 Live broadcast on ETV from the Museum of New Art

and televoting for the Estonian People's Award.


The festival office is located in the Museum of New Art, 10 Esplanaadi St., Pärnu,

tel. +372 44 30 772, fax +372 44 30 774 docfest@chaplin.ee