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Pärnu Rahvusvaheline Dokumentaal- ja Antropoloogiafilmide Festival


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1.The Annual Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival is an artistic and scientific event, an important link between documentary film makers and anthropologists of the East and West. The aim of the festival in general is to support cultural survival of peoples. Only documentary films and videos of high value and quality, recording human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings.

2. We don't accept films which are against human values or encourage hatred and discrimination between races, neighbors and nations. Films of high level of creativity, a rigorous scientific content or of new forms of audiovisual expression will be preferred.

3. The length of films for the competition category is not limited. Films which have not been selected for competition might be shown in the information program of the festival.

4. Competition films must be on 35 mm or l6mm positive prints, on  Beta SP or DVD videocassettes. There are no restrictions concerning films shown and awarded at other festivals, as well as the dates of their first public screenings and the year of production.

5. Entries will be accepted if those arrive not later than APRIL, 1, 2004. Forwarded to April 1, 2004.

6. The festival doesn`t   return preview VHS cassettes of selected films. These videocassettes will stay in the  library of the festival located in the Museum of New Art of Pärnu for educational use only.

7. A completed entry form, a transcription list in English, 2 photos from each film and a VHS videocassette must be sent on the address:
Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival
P.O. Box A
80010 Pärnu

Submission could be done also via internet but the entry can't be completed without a VHS cassette sent by mail.  

8. The official language of the festival is English.

9. The organizers will nominate the jury members who are outstanding film makers and scientists from different countries.

10. Festival prizes. There are 4 categories of competition.

International documentary competition:

  • Grand Prize for the best film of the festival;
  • Prize for the best film on survival of indigenous people;
  • Prize for the best scientific documentary;
  • Prize for the best art documentary.

International children documentary competition:

  • Prize for the best children documentary.

Estonian national documentary competition:

  • Prize for the best Estonian documentary.


  • Estonian People's Award.

11. Our festival has one very special prize. This is the ESTONIAN PEOPLE'S AWARD.

During the festival a selected program of outstanding documentaries will be broadcast on Estonian TV and during the last night the TV-audience will be voting for the best film to be awarded with the ESTONIAN PEOPLE'S AWARD.

12. The authors of the films selected to the competitions will be invited to the festival. Films should be brought to the festival as part of the participant's personal luggage. Authors, unable to attend the festival, should send their prints by mail. Only the cost of return shipping will be paid by the festival. The deadline for arrival of prints is June, l5. The festival can't cover the international insurance costs of the prints, but the owners can pay it while mailing.

13. Festival is unable to cover travel expenses of film makers. Festival will provide one author whose films are selected to the competition program with 4 day-long-stays in hotel.